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It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement or for when your work load decreases.

Hobbies 4 Grandpa can help.

Too many retirees die too soon after they stop working. The secret must be to keep “working” and live longer.

You could pick an interesting hobby well before you retire then make the change in your “working” habits gradually. The thing about hobbies is of course it is much easier to change a hobby than it is to change a job. This makes your original choice much easier.

Hobbies 4 grandpa offers a wonderful grab bag of ideas, hints, photos, plans and sketches of hobbies for you to choose from.

I haven’t retired yet, and I hope to live to be one hundred so I can get through all the senior’s hobbies I have planned.

I was adding photography to my list the other day when I realized that while I am making these "to do" lists and planning my retirement I could share my ideas with others and advertise our small business at the same time.

Don’t let that put you off though, Hobbies 4 Grandpa is big on ideas, hints and information and small on sales pitch.

The great thing about getting older is that it is often accompanied by getting grandchildren. Spend a bit of time with your grandchild and you see the world from a different perspective.

That old pair of wheels in the backyard suddenly becomes a race car; the space under the tank stand evolves into a fairy garden just by shifting some of Grandma’s pot plants. Then again it could be a cubby house if you use that cardboard and plywood that grandpa was keeping in the shed.

Wouldn’t it be great to share in this quest for knowledge, experience, and youthful imagination?

Now you can.

I can show you how to turn that old golf buggy into a sturdy billy cart for the grandchildren. Or you can use that old plastic chair and a car spring to make a bucking horse, stick together some plastic pipe to make a boat, or recycle those old push bikes into a low slung pedal car.

Follow my tips, check out the photos and sketch plans, scrounge some materials and you’re on your way. Next time the grand kids visit you can impress and involve them by helping them to build something they will enjoy and appreciate.

As the kids get older, and with your adult supervision, you will be able to make rockets, trebuchets, crossbows and longbows, motorized vehicles and other things we enjoyed before we developed into this Nanny state.

“Fair enough” you might be saying, “But I can’t even hammer in a nail.”

Don’t worry.

Hobbies 4 grandpa has less active hobbies for men in case arthritis sets in or our legs give way.

Would you like to learn the basics of stained glass work and create great things to make with and share with the grandkids? Start with simple glass mosaics and then you could think about making a helicopter bedroom light or a stained glass pram for a bedside table?

Want to take the little ones on a holiday. Why not try a Grandpa-led trip to the Outback? It’s not as hard as you think. See my other website for ideas.

Talking of websites, why not try creating your own? You know. All of those stories you tell the kids, all of those experiences you had as a child. I can show you how to turn them into a money making website.

Have you thought of collecting? We have, and now we have turned it into a small (very small?) business.

There are so many other hobbies for you to learn about from hobbies 4 grandpa.

Activities such as slot car building, volunteering, Men’s Sheds, Op shopping: the list goes on.

Well let’s go.

Start turning these pages. I hope you find some ideas to suit you and that you enjoy Hobbies for Grandpa!