The magic of Carousels and Merry go Rounds attracts most baby boomers and members of previous generations as well as today's children.

I fondly remember,as a child at the local Agricultural Show I’d stand and wait my turn for a ride, fascinated by the rising and falling horses, the evocative music and the ever-changing lights and mirrors.

I’m sure we didn’t notice the rattles, the squeal of the belt or the chipped paint on the horses and decorations. To us the Merry go Round was a bright and romantic piece of fairy land on loan to our town.

But what do carousels have to do with hobbies?

Plenty, it seems.

Some of us build models, some collect miniatures, some collect the original horses while those lucky enough to be within easy traveling distance of one of the increasingly rare original Carousels are able to share rides with their grandchildren.

There is a group of model builders in the USA who have displayed some unbelievably beautiful examples of their craft on this site.

Then there are also many beautiful and some rare miniatures featured on Youtube.

My interest and experience is in hobby model building. I have begun crafting model Merry go Rounds using a combination of Slot Car building experience and my love of lead lighting. The Stained Glass Carousel, version 1, is the pleasing result.

See the Stained Glass Carousel on youtube

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