30 Minute Billy Cart Plans

Want to impress your grandsons?

Use these billy cart plans to build this great little DIY soapbox racer for them while they wait.

Once you find all of the bits, you should be able to build and paint this easy-to-handle machine in under 30 minutes.

I found the two old golf buggys and a job lot of old plastic school chairs at a recycle yard and bought the buggies for the wheels originally.

One rainy day I started taking off the axles and wheels when it struck me that by changing the layout of the golf buggy it would make a great rear end for a simple billy cart. Plans consisted of lines drawn on the floor to mark the front axle and foot rest spacings.

Even if your old golf buggy is a bit different in shape you should be able to cut and modify it for a suitable rear frame. Use your angle grinder to cut off the bits you won't need then put a couple of bolts through the frame to stop the original handle part of the golf buggy from folding up.

Bolt or Tek screw the chassis rail,(a piece of framing pine)under the buggy frame.

Cut and bolt the timber front axle next, (I used a piece of 90mmx 25mm pine).

Tip it over and fix another golf buggy axle with two welded brackets onto your wooden axle. Screw on the seat with a couple of Tek screws. Tie the steering rope using a couple of snap hooks or wire loops.

Hit it with a can or two of spray paint and you are finished!

This golf-buggy-cart is so easy to push that my 81 year old mother in law pushed me around the yard for a test drive!

My grandsons are the envy of their neighbourhood and once they get the hang of pulling the steering rope up short and tight, their mates find it easy to drive too.

Contact me for detailed billy cart plans