The Billy Cart and Soapbox Racers

The iconic Billy Cart or American Soapbox Racer can be one of the easiest or the most challenging DIY projects you take on.

Either way you choose, the finished product will be a big hit with your Grandkids, your friends, the neighbourhood kids or anyone who happens to be passing by.


Soapbox building has all of the elements and challenges you could wish for in a project. You can get as much satisfaction from building and riding the 30 minute "Golf Buggy Cart" as you can from the more complicated "Speedway Rod".

You can draw out a seat and a footrest on the floor and start from there or you can use the latest CAD technology to design your model.

Carbon Fibre

Then you have the almost endless choice of building materials ranging from the humble wooden box through to steel, plastic, carbon fibre, aluminium or other materials that I haven't thought of.


Another area for imagination and innovation is in the steering set up. I have seen machines with the simplest rope steering to fully adjustable Ackerman race-type steering. There are even some machines steered by leaning either two wheels or all four wheels into a corner.

Even Porsche and Volvo have designed and built their own Hi Tech versions of the soapbox racer.

But Hi-Tech or backyard-built, your home made cart or soapbox racer can be matched to your own ability, imagination and budget.

Let's get started! Build this Billy Cart.