Gallery 79 on Highway 79

It’s often difficult to pick out the most exciting object on display at Gallery 79.

Those who call in to this boutique collectibles shop are continually impressed by the changing range and individuality of our products.

We buy only the things we love and would be happy to keep in our own home. Thus Gallery 79 has become the temporary home of items as diverse as hand blown glass from Poland to museum quality collectibles from the Netherlands and premium quality wind up models from the Czech Republic.

Every article in our friendly little country shop has a story to tell. It might be a replica of the barnstorming aircraft which held whole countries spellbound in the 1930’s. It could be that special glass centerpiece designed by the daughter of the founder of Poland’s most creative glass company. Then there is the eye catching aboriginal painting telling the story of hunting for a meal in Central Australia or Cape York.

We have spent years researching products and suppliers before opening our doors.

You will love the intriguing collectible desk top models and creative decor articles from the amazing world of Holland's Authentic Models.

Be sure to see the quality collectors tin wind-up models from Kovap, one of the very few tin model manufacturers left in Europe.

For a unique centrepiece of excellent quality and individuality you can browse our collection of Jozefina hand blown glassware from Krosno in Poland.

At Gallery 79 we really do have something for everybody. We have nostalgia toys like teasets, spinning tops, pop pop boats, puzzles, building kits and many of those things we remember loving when we were kids.

We have "toys for boys" like the exquisitely detailed 1920, and 30's model aircraft, amillaries and globes fastidiously recreated from the 17th century originals and amazing discrete time pieces.

We have gifts, collectibles and decor for every budget from $3 crystal figurines and wind up toys to valuable artworks costing thousands.

For you though, the best thing of all is that we love to share the pleasure and the wonder of our collections with you.

Every one is welcome to come in and browse without the pressure or obligation of having to spend a penny.

You will find this unique and amazing little shop on the A79 Calder Highway where it crosses the Avoca River.

The Highway takes traffic from Melbourne to Mildura and this intriguing visitor destination is bang in the middle, at the friendly river town of Charlton.

Plan to break your drive at Charlton, call in to Gallery 79, have a look around, then pick up some tips from Trish or Geoff on what to see next in the area.

See the original Leadlight Carousel at Gallery 79.   Look for us on Facebook