List of Hobbies

This list of hobbies will become the backbone of Hobbies 4 Grandpa as the site is built.

I don't profess to know absolutely everything about all of the hobbies in the list but I do know enough to set you in the right direction. Then you will be able to fill in the details if something does interest you.

In saying that though there are a few in the hobby list that I have had a lot of experience with. These will be the subject of my early pages until eventually you will be able to find a treasure trove of information, hints and tips on all of the hobbies and activities listed.

• Building toys
• Collecting
o Diecast models
o Toys, antique and vintage
o Depression Glass
o Fenton Glass
o Waterford Crystal
o Hot Wheels
o Perfume bottles
o Betty Boop memorabilia
o Murano Glass

• Build and race Slot Cars
• Make your own Rockets
• Build and race Billy Carts (Soapboxes)
• Hi Tech Hobbies, Led Technology, solar power etc.
• Boat Building
• Visiting Junkyards
• Furniture Restoration
• Burnt Pine furniture
• Leadlight and stained glass
• Outback Travel
• Build your own Family Tree
• Motor restoration
• Gold detecting
• Restore old machinery
• Vintage tractor pull
• Mini Tractor pull
• Get online
• Build your own website
• Aquaponics
• Tree Change
• Opal mining and fossicking
• Men’s shed activities
• Blacksmithing
• Build miniature Steam and hot air engines
• House renovations
• Buy and sell on EBay
• Outback education

• Research
o Explorers
o Murders
o Myths
o Gold mining history
o Cemeteries and lonely graves

• Kite building
• Art framing
• Mosaics
• Junk Sculpture
• Resin Settings
• Photography
• Mud brick building
• Christmas decorations
• Dolls houses
• Model boats
• Model cars
• Stained glass
• Children’s book writing

• Volunteering
o Teaching in the outback
o Aged Care
o Men's Sheds
o Primary Schools

I know there are an enormous number of hobbies I haven't included, but I'll leave those for the experts in their field.

The list does include the things I have tried at some time or another and the activities that interest me.

Happy Hunting through Hobbies 4 Grandpa!

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