The Stained Glass Carousel

My Stained Glass Carousel model came about after I became disillusioned seeing cheap leadlight lampshades everywhere. If you stand them beside a well made lampshade the differences in quality and aesthetics are obvious but they look good lit up in the shop window.

No individual craftsperson could build traditional lampshades and compete with these imports on price.

I decided to compete on individuality.

I started designing my own lampshades then went on to design bedside lamps for children based on favourite things. The Helicopter and the Pram were the first of these. I then made a small static Merry go Round in glass before tackling the Leadlight Carousel. See the Stained Glass Carousel on Youtube The model is about 14” (460mm) across and features 12 glass horses and 6 glass/brass seats. A 12v geared motor makes it go round and 72 LEDs provide the illumination. Music is from a CD played separately.

It took over 6 months of spare time in designing, sourcing parts, building and rebuilding to get to this stage. I hope to have time to build another stained glass carousel this year and to have plans available.

I am definitely no engineer yet I found the actual building relatively simple. It was how to build it that was the tricky bit!

I had built a number of slot car chassis from brass before so I chose all brass for any framework and the main structure is built using traditional stained glass techniques.

If you happen to be a bit handy in these fields this is a very, very satisfying project.

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