Twin Bike Billy Cart Plans

This is a billy cart I built out of twin bikes from a scrap yard.

I stripped the bikes and cut off the top bar and the rear forks. I then welded the rear forks on again at the angle in the photos.

As you can see I then fitted a piece of tent pole from where the top bar was connected to the head frame back to the rear forks.

Two mirror image frames were made then connected by welding more tent pole or bike frame pieces between the two. Another of my faithful plastic chair seats was Tek screwed to the frame and a footrest was added after these photos were taken.

The track rod was connected at the top of the forks to hold the front wheels almost parallel with a touch of toe in.For the steering I re fitted two handlbars to the forks then cut off the outside piece of the handle bar.

This means you have to lean forward in the seat a lot to steer. you could use your imagination to modify this steering set up for more control and comfort if you have the time and the energy.

I still haven't finished this machine properly as I started work on the Billy Cart Racer when the tyres went flat on the test run of the twin bike billy cart!

The Twin Bike billy cart plans led to the building of the Billy Cart Racer